Angel Investors (AG), Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital industry energies employment creation and economic growth by facilitating entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas and scientific developments into real products and services that change the way we work and live today. FEEM's focus by providing the funding and guidance is a step for building capable companies to bring the innovations to the marketplace. 

FEEM's Investment Business Model

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Strategy : 

To ensure FEEM always focuses to be a profitable and sustainable organization while creating more employment through our investment portfolios. FEEM will ensure that we contribute towards start ups who are focused in job creation.




Creating Values for Community

The Typography rendering of the name FEEM with Two lines above and below indicates the spirit of our corporate belief system and the courage of our people in building an outstanding organization by not crossing the set boundaries which emphasis on corporate governance and integrity.

The rising sun symbolizes our clarity of our vision by giving brightness to everybody. It means " Creating Values For Community".

The Journey of FEEM


FEEM Investment manages its investment portfolios through its subsidiaries and interests entities related to Energy, Plantation, Technology, Transportation, Property, Stocks, Education, Lifestyle and Entertainment. FEEM's investments portfolios are focused in Asia, UK, Europe, Africa, US and Middle East.

At FEEM  we understand that the economy needs more organization to create more employment.Therefore, FEEM's Investment portfolios and strategies is to recognize, explore and invest in Start- Up Enterprises around the world focusing on enterprise and social impact enterprise driven.

By taking a step to work with our global network of Angel Investors, Private Equities and Venture Capitals corporations have ensure FEEM's portfolios continue to grow to maximize long term returns for shareholders and investors and ensuring that FEEM's investment portfolios are contributing to the global economy by creating more employment.

FEEM is ready to support Start - Ups to grow. Our present business model is to empower entrepreneurs to realize their potential and position their ideas to be able to generate revenues and creating employment. We are clearly focusing on business which are related to our portfolios and we welcome any discussion.

Our R&D Team is constantly researching towards new ideas and identifying entrepreneurs globally. Although we are a UK based company, we have position our self globally to ensure FEEM's investment strategy is implemented across different markets and sectors on basis of scientific methods and also carefully analyzing of local, regional and global market. Our multinational global team is committed to operate to the very highest ethical and moral standards which ensures FEEM continue to grow.